Heavy flow washable sanitary pad – Japan

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Heavy flow washable sanitary pad – Japan

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Heavy flow reusable pads by WASH are designed to ensure complete absorption on your heaviest days (also ideal for the night!).

WASH heavy flow pads are made up of a printed cotton side to be placed on the flow side, an absorbent terry core and a waterproof but breathable PUL side to be placed on the lingerie side.

The tests carried out in situation show an absorption up to 2 times greater than a disposable heavy flow towel.

top 100% organic cotton GOTS
absorbent core 90% cotton, 10% polyester BIO GOTS
PUL bottom (polyurethane coated jersey) OEKOTEX
resin pressures
The WASH heavy flow towels are approximately 24cm long.

Made in France in Aubenas – Ardèche

WASH selects its raw materials via suppliers who guarantee the OEKOTEX and / or BIO GOTS label