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Merry Christmas Micro Greens Greeting Card

Merry Christmas Micro Greens Greeting Card

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The ‘Merry Christmas’ Greens and Greetings is an extra special way to send well seasonal wishes at Christmas.

Each 'Merry Christmas' Greens and Greeting contains an expanding soil disc, microgreen frilly pea seeds and a stirrer.

The buyer adds their own message on the back and a large letter stamp, then pops in the post (no envelope needed!)

All the recipient needs to do is add water to the soil disc, sprinkle the seeds on top and pop their Greens and Greeting on a window ledge.

Less than 2 weeks later they’ll be tucking in to delicious homegrown microgreen pea shoots which are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Microgreens are a super tasty superfood. Their tiny leaves are packed with nutrients and can be sprinkled on to just about any dish to add a bit of flavour, colour and texture. Try them in smoothies, soups, salads or sandwiches.

Sustainability is important to us - each Greens & Greetings contains:
- peat free compressed coco coir 'soil' (a by product from coconut processing)
- non GMO seeds packed in a compostable envelope
- wooden stirrer

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