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When the world matters to you and you care about legacy you leave your children you may find yourself beginning to question the way you live your day to day life. I certainly did! 

With a mission to bring my daughter up in the best world I could I began to make lots of little changes in our home. First we switched to bamboo toothbrushes, then we started to get our milk delivered by our local dairy. And now, after altering almost every habit we have, even going vegetarian, I began to question "What else can I do?". 

That's when my passion let me to bring plastic free, sustainable and ethical products to my home town. Making it easier for other people to make more eco friendly choices.

Thoughtful Living started its journey as a department within The Moorlands Cookshop, our family run shop in the beautiful market town of Leek in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Plastic free, sustainable products are dear to our hearts and a true passion, so if you can find it on our webshop or in our store you know it is good for you and good for our Earth.


Rose x

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