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Living Nostalgia

15cm Enamel Round Bowl

15cm Enamel Round Bowl

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Whether it’s summer fruits in a sunny garden, or warm bowls of soup on an outdoor adventure, we all have fond memories of enamel dinnerware. The KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Round Enamel Bowl is inspired by the toughness, practicality and elegance of these classic kitchen products. And with its clever modern design touches, it brings this enamel favourite firmly into the 21st century! This bowl measures 15.5 cm (6"), so it’s great for your morning cereal, or for serving fruit salads, nuts and nibbles. You can even use it for cooking and baking. As a final touch, the bowl has the same crisp white finish and beautiful grey rim that we all remember from our childhoods. As well as being delightfully nostalgic, it’s sure to blend beautifully with any décor.

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