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Emma Bridgewater

Biscuits Small Tin Tray

Biscuits Small Tin Tray

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Introducing the Emma Bridgewater Biscuit Small Tin Tray, a charmingly British addition to your home. Crafted with the iconic imagery of classic biscuits like party rings, jammy dodgers, and digestives, this tin tray marries practicality with nostalgic charm.

Designed to cater to your serving needs, this compact tin tray is just the right size for presenting a cuppa alongside your favourite biscuits. Its thoughtfully crafted design seamlessly blends functionality with a dash of whimsy, making every serving moment a delightful experience.

Adorned with intricate illustrations of beloved biscuits, from the playful swirls of party rings to the tempting jam-filled centres of jammy dodgers, this tray captures the essence of British teatime traditions. Its vibrant colours and intricate details add a touch of personality to your serving routine, elevating any occasion with a sprinkle of charm.

Whether you're indulging in a cosy tea break or entertaining guests with a selection of snacks, the Biscuit Delights Small Tin Tray offers versatility and ease. Its compact form ensures effortless handling, making it the perfect companion for any tea-time gathering or impromptu snack session.

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