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Kitchen Craft

Easy Read Cooking Thermometer

Easy Read Cooking Thermometer

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Temperature is everything when it comes to making jams or confectionery: it's the difference between your prized apple and raspberry jam and a crystallised disaster. KitchenCraft Home Made's jam thermometer monitors cooking temperatures to help you master the science of making these delicious treats at home. Place this jam thermometer in your fruit mixture as it heats in the saucepan. It'll give you an accurate temperature reading, so you can determine how close or far away your jam is from that all important setting point - 105°C (220°F). It's just as good for confectionery making too, allowing you to reach the sugar stages needed to make a variety of delicious sweet treats. With its transparent glass finish and clearly marked temperature gauge, you'll have no trouble taking a reading from this jam / sugar thermometer.

Key Features:

  • Handwash only
  • Mercury free
  • Reads from 25°C to 200°C
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