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Living Nostalgia

Enamel 24cm Dinner Plate

Enamel 24cm Dinner Plate

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KitchenCraft’s Living Nostalgia Enamel collection is founded on fond memories of classic enamel kitchen products. Whether it’s a slap-up breakfast on a childhood camping trip, or a slice of home-made apple pie at grandma’s house, chances are you’ve eaten some truly memorable meals on enamel dinnerware.

Good news for enamel fans: thanks to KitchenCraft, it’s back, and it’s better than ever! The KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Enamel Breakfast Plate is just as sturdy, practical and beautiful as classic enamelware, and is built to KitchenCraft’s exacting quality standards. It even features the crisp white finish and elegant grey rim that’s so characteristic of enamel dinnerware, so it will blend beautifully with any décor.

The plate measures 24 cm (9½”), so it’s ideal as an everyday breakfast or snack plate. Now pile it high with your favourite home-cooked food and recreate those classic meals you remember!

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