Natural Organic Silk Dental Floss - Peppermint


Natural Organic Silk Dental Floss - Peppermint

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This quality 100% biodegradable zero waste natural floss is made from Ahimsa silk, coated with Candelilla wax and flavoured with peppermint oil. It comes in a reusable glass flint and a metal cap dispenser.

Made from Organic Ahimsa Silk (also known as Peace Silk). FLON Silk Floss is produced ethically without harming the silkworms. Traditionally, the larvae are boiled to extract the silk. Ahimsa silk is made from vacated cocoons and turned into these lovely floss.
Clean your teeth without costing the earth!

• Strong quality floss
• Glass tube dispenser
• Stainless steel thread cutting lid
• 30m of natural Dental Floss
• Peppermint Flavoured
• Coated in Vegan-friendly Candelilla Wax
• 100% Silk Thread
• 100% Recyclable Packaging
• An Eco-friendly, Zero Waste Product