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Pack of 24 Jam Jar Cover Kit 2lbs

Pack of 24 Jam Jar Cover Kit 2lbs

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Whether you're making strawberry jam, tangy lemon curd or a traditional chutney, a good set of jar covers is a must-have. KitchenCraft Home Made's wax jam pot cover kit includes everything you need to stop your prized preserves spoiling in the cupboard. It's really easy to use, and perfect for beginners as well as jam-making experts. All you have to do is add a waxed disc to your jam jar while the jam is still hot, then add a moistened plastic jar cover, secured with an elastic band. As the cover dries, it shrinks to create a firm seal, so your jam will stay deliciously fruity and mould-free for longer!

Key Features:

  • Disposable items
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