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Pack of 30 Jam Jar Labels - Fruit

Pack of 30 Jam Jar Labels - Fruit

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You can have loads of fun creating delicious jams, preserves and conserves from fresh ingredients. But, if you're a keen jam maker, it's very easy to forget which is which. Although testing by taste is by no means a punishment - there's a much quicker way to save mixing up your strawberry conserve with your sweet chilli jam. KitchenCraft Home Made's Jam Jar Labels make it simple to sticker up your prized preserves so you can easily tell them apart. This pack includes 30 jar stickers, each brightly decorated with a vibrant motif of fresh summer fruits. But don't worry, there's plenty of space to label up your weird and wonderful combinations - from 'Grandma Berry's pink gooseberry and elderflower preserve' to 'blackberry, raspberry and vanilla bean jam'.

Key Features:

  • Disposable items
  • Self adhesive
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