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Paines Small Log Cabin

Paines Small Log Cabin

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Bring the outside in with this wooden incense burner that's beautifully design and in the shape of a traditional log cabin. 

Theres no need to grab your axe or wear your plaid shirt because once this little cabin is is burning with a lovely warming incense you will be immediately transported to the middle of nowhere surrounded by the glorious scent of the forest. 

Sit back and relax whilst watching the mesmerising aromatic smoke that billows out of the chimney of this little cabin. 

Wooden cabin with 10 Balsam Fir incense logs. 

Paine's Products is a family run business and have been creating and capturing the scent of the forest since 1931.  

Note - Stain colour may vary

Small - 8.3cm x 7.8cm x 6.2cm

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