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Kitchen Craft

Pure Seal Glass Rectangular 1.5 Litres Storage Container

Pure Seal Glass Rectangular 1.5 Litres Storage Container

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Store. Carry. Cook. Reheat!

You can do all of this and more with Pure Seal by KitchenCraft – an ingenious range of glass containers that offer airtight storage and awesome versatility. You can use this container as a space-saving storage tub, a robust oven dish, a microwaveable bowl, and much more! It’s such a time-saver in the kitchen. Store leftovers then reheat them for later… Cook in batches and freeze them for another day…. Whip up a quick meal in the microwave… And when you’re done, pop it in the dishwasher and it’s ready to go again!

The lid locks firmly onto the glass base and is fitted with a 100% leak-free silicone seal. This means food stays fresh for longer. And it’s great for carrying your lunch to work, because you won’t spill a drop (even on a bumpy bus ride!).

This Pure Seal container has a 1.5-litre (2½-pint) capacity, with an easy-to-store rectangular design. It’s made of strong, heat-resistant glass with a BPA-free plastic lid.

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