Wax Melts - Hearth & Home
Wax Melts - Hearth & Home
Wax Melts - Hearth & Home

By Heather May

Wax Melts - Hearth & Home

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Highly scented wax melt spirals made from 100% natural wax.

Hearth & Home - A seriously homely blend of orange spice from the kitchen, fir and pine from a winter woodland and an earthy smokiness from the fireplace.

The spiral pattern is reminiscent of swirly lollipops, packaged in sweet shop themed bags with resealable tags to lock in and retain maximum fragrance. 

Hand poured and hand crafted using quality ingredients...

  • 100% EcoSoya wax
  • The finest fragrance and essential oils
  • Recycled/Recyclable Materials and Packaging

Pack of 5 wax melt spirals - Aroma Time: Up to 70 hours  -  Net Weight: 40g -Packaging Dimensions: H:145mm W:70mm D:42mm